Lelit Elizabeth PL92T Espresso machine

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Lelit Elizabeth PL92T Espresso machine

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The Lelit Elizabeth espresso machine is a dual boiler espresso machine designed and manufactured by Lelit coffee machines in Italy.  The Elizabeth has a commercial 58mm group, programmable PID coffee and steam boilers, timed shots and programmable pre infusion.  With a brushed stainless steel cabinet, a heat up time of just 10 minutes and the ability to pour shots and steam milk simultaneously, this is the idea machine for cafe quality coffee is a busy home.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Brushed stainless steel cabinet The high grade polished stainless steel cabinet is impressive an any kitchen.
LCC (Lelit control centre) The control centre allows you to program steam and coffee temps, brew times, pre-infusion times, steam on/off and backflushing.
300ml brass coffee boiler Ready to use in 10 minutes for your morning coffee.
600ml stainless steel steam boiler Steam milk and pour shots simultaneouly
Italian 15 Bar ULKA vibration pump Industry standard 15 bar ULKA vibration pump delivers pressurised water to the brewing system.
Brew pressure gauge Real time feedback so you can make adjustments to your coffee dose and grind fineness.
9 Bar over pressure valve A factory calibrated over pressure valve limits the maximum pressure to 9 bar for optimal extraction.
Multi directional steam / water wand  Easy to use with good pressure for perfect milk foam milk.
Standby mode Save power between coffees


Key Technologies

LCC (Lelit Control Centre)



The new Lelit control system allows you to program the boiler temperatures for the coffee and steam via the high resolution graphic display.  The system powers the boiler element maintaining a temperature that is much more stable than a simple on / off thermostat switch.  Stable temperature control is vital for the perfect coffee extraction and consistent steam pressure.  The system also allows you to time your single and double shots with automatic shut off after the pour, program pre-infusion times, turn the steam boiler on and off to save power and perform the automatic black flush process.

Bew Presure Gauge


The brew pressure gauge provides immediate feedback on the pressure in the brew head allowing you to make changes to your coffee dose and grind to achieve optimal results.

Over Pressure Valve

Over pressure valve


A OPV (Over pressure valve) limits the pressure in the coffee system to 9 bar for optimal extraction.

 Steam Wand



The steam wand produces powerful dry steam ideal for texturing milk.  The ball joint connection allows you to position the steam wand where you like it.

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