Jura X8 Coffee Machine SAVE $200 on the Milk Fridge

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Jura X8 Coffee Machine SAVE $200 on the Milk Fridge

Product no.: Jura X8

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  • 50 cups per day 

  • Up to 50 staff

  • Swiss made

  • Fully automatic - Suitable for self service locations

  • Fresh coffee beans & fresh milk 

  • Makes cappuccinos, cafe lattes, flat whites, long blacks, espressos, milk & hot water.

  • Built-in aroma G3 coffee grinder with 6 levels of grind fineness adjustment

  • Grinds up to 16 grams of coffee for true double shots

  • Pulse extraction process (P.E.P) ensures optimal extraction for espresso

  • Professional fine foam automatic milk frother

  • Programmable milk temperature

  • Includes Jura Smart Connect - Wireless connection to accessories / smart phone

  • Fully automatic coffee system clean - No disassembly

  • Claris Pro smart filter - Superior coffee quality and no descaling

  • TUV certified milk system cleaning program 

  • Energy save mode - Save on power consumption

  • Lockable water tank & coffee bean hoppr

  • Standard 10amp power point

  • Tank water (No plumbing required)

  • Connect to mains water (Optional)

  • Coin / Token operation (Optional)




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