Jura Cool Control 1 Litre Milk Cooler

Product no.: JCCB1
$297.00 / unit(s)
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Jura Cool Control Gen II Milk Cooler 1 Litre

The generation II Jura 1 litre cool control milk cooler from JURA is able to cool milk to 25° below the ambient temperature.  The cooler is non-wearing and CFC-free using the Peltier cooling effect.  Once a temperature of 4°C has been reached, this intelligent device keeps the milk in the optimum temperature range preventing the milk from freezing and saving energy.  The high-quality 1-litre stainless steel container can be easily removed, refilled, cleaned or stored in the refrigerator if necessary.


  • Maintains 4° (Cools to a max of 25 deg below ambient)
  • Digital temperature display
  • Milk level display
  • Wireless low-level warning (Jura models with built-in wireless only) 
  • High-quality aluminium cover
  • Suitable for all models except for the Jura Impressa X9
  • Components that come in contact with milk are dishwasher safe





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