Jura Cup Warmer 2 drawer

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Jura Cup Warmer 2 drawer 

Coffee tastes best when served between 55°C and 60°C depending on personal your preference. That's why cafes pre-warm cups as a matter of principle. If hot coffee is poured into cold porcelain cups, a lot of heat is lost, too much in fact.  In pre-warmed cups, the temperature of the coffee is maintained and the aroma is released in its entirety.  





55°C – the perfect temperature

Two heating elements keep the cups inside at a constant temperature of around 55°C ideal for great coffee.










Optimum storage

The cup warmer has two drawers with a cushioning system so they close smoothly and silently. Sized perfectly for use in the home, it is suitable for cups up to a diameter of 90 mm and a height of 110 mm. Each draw has space for 3 cups or glasses.  The cup tray on top provides extra storage space.







With programmable switch-on and switch-off times, the cup warmer has eco-intelligence. It can be programmed to suit your needs warming cups in time for your morning coffee and turning off after the last coffee of the day. If no switch-off time is programmed, the warmer switches off automatically after 12 hours.





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