Jura Container for Milk System Cleaning

Product no.: J24219
$31.90 / unit(s)
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Jura Container for Milk System Cleaning 

The special 2-chamber container made of dishwasher-safe plastic makes it easier to clean the milk system by eliminating the need to look for suitable receptacles. It features easily visible marks to indicate how much milk system cleaner and water should be added. Its optimised shape makes it easy to store.


Suitable for use with the following models

  • E6
  • E60
  • E600
  • E8 (2015)
  • E8 (2018)
  • E80
  • ENA 8
  • ENA micro 90
  • GIGA 5
  • J6
  • S8
  • S80
  • WE8 (2016)
  • WE8 (2019ff)
  • GIGA 6
  • E8 (EA)
  • E6 (EA)
  • S8 (EA)
  • GIGA 6 (EA)
  • E6 (EB)

Additional product information

Type Coffee Machine Cleaning Products
Size Cleaning Jugs
Colour Clear

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