MILKLAB Almond Barista Milk 8 x 1L

Product no.: 30120-8
$32.00 / box(es)
1 l = $4.00
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Customer ratings for MILKLAB Almond Barista Milk 8 x 1L

Number of ratings: 8
Average rating: 5
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from on 25/11/2020
One of the few non-dairy milks that tastes good in coffee. Smooth and easy to texture the milk. Whenever there is an option, I choose this milk.
Best alternative to dairy
from on 26/05/2019
This is the best almond milk I have used, and I have tried most of them. Expands like normal dairy milk but tastes way better. For best flavour in milk based coffee drinks, do not heat above 55 degrees Celcius.
I only use this milk now for lattes and cappuccinos. Love it
from on 26/02/2019
By far the best Almond Milk on the market :)
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