MILKLAB Almond Barista Milk 1L

MILKLAB Almond Barista Milk 1L

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Customer ratings for MILKLAB Almond Barista Milk 1L

Number of ratings: 2
Average rating: 5
BEST almond milk on the market for Latte's (13/06/2018)
I have been looking for a good almond milk (to use with my coffee machine at home) and I have finally found it. This almond milk is delicious - it does not separate unlike a lot of other almond milks out there. I love this so much when I go to a cafe I have finally found that stocks it I give them the thumbs up. Excellent almond milk. Great work.
Best tasting and easy to use for Almond Latte (28/09/2017)
Have been using this product for a couple of years after trying several other brands which had issues with separation when poured. No separation issues with Milklabs Almond Milk.

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