Coffex SuperBar coffee beans

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Coffex SuperBar Coffee Beans

The Coffex flagship SuperBar blend is a rich and satisfying coffee that is very smooth in taste and full in flavour.  Carefully selected and blended for optimum flavour, this blend works amazingly well in everything from an espresso to a latte.  Imagine a well-rounded, syrupy coffee with a toffee sweetness and green apple acidity, and you've got this blend in one.


Beans: 100% Arabica - Central American, South American, African & Oceania

Roast: Medium 

Strength: 3/5

Style: Very smooth, low acidity

Tasting: Toffee sweetness and green apple acidity

Certifications: None


Available in

  • 1kg bag
  • 6 x 1kg box

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