WMF 5000S+ Coffee Machine

Product no.: WMF 5000S+
$22,099.00 / unit(s)
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The WMF 5000S+ is a German-made commercial fully automatic coffee machine ideal for self-service locations like convenience stores, car showrooms, pubs and hotels, and large offices of up to 350 staff. 


Key Features 

  • Up to 350 staff

  • 300 cups per day

  • Fully automatic self serve operation

  • Fresh coffee beans / fresh milk/chocolate or chai - Std machine includes 1 x coffee grinder + 1 x choc canister

  • 10-inch colour touch screen with the fully programmable coffee menu - Up to 48 drink selections and 3 cup sizes

  • Makes cappuccino, cafe latte, flat white, macchiato, mocha, long black, espresso, hot water and hot chocolate or chai

  • The coffee spout automatically adjusts to the cup height eliminating milk splatter

  • The steam wand provides the option of frothing different types of milk cafe-style - Soy, Almond etc

  • Self-adjusting grinders monitor the brewing flow, automatically adjusting the grind and dose for consistent espresso quality

  • Stainless steel brewer guarantees high performance and maximum reliability with a 19 gram capacity for mugs or 12oz cups

  • Adjust coffee strength to suit personal preference without changing programmed settings

  • The 9 KW option allows you to dispense hot water and coffee at the same time.

  • Pre-ground coffee option

  • HACCP Certified Plug & Clean milk system clean

  • Fully automatic coffee system clean

  • Connects to mains water plumbing/drainage

  • Optional: Dynamic milk

  • Optional: Second coffee grinder 

  • Optional: Auto steam wand 




Benefits in Details    


WMF 5000S+ Display

Drink Selections

The fully programmable 10-inch colour touchscreen


WMF 5000S+ Bean hoppers

Hopper Options

One coffee and one chocolate hopper are standard.  Optional - Add a second bean hopper.


WMF 5000S+ Steam Jet

Steam Jet

A jet of steam pre-heats your cup, so your coffee is at the perfect temperature


WMF 5000S+ Automatic outlet

Automatic coffee outlet

The coffee outlet automatically adjusts to the cup height eliminating milk splatter


WMF 5000S+ Coffee assist

Dynamic Coffee Assist

The brewing extraction time is monitored and automatically adjusted to maintain consistent quality


WMF 5000S+ Brewing unit

Heavy Duty Brewer

The heavy-duty stainless steel brewer made in Germany with hardwearing components guarantees you 
high performance and maximum reliability 


5000S+ Choc hopper

New Chocolate Mixer

Magnetic coupling with sensors ensure correct fitting of the chocolate mixing bowl and whipper


WMF Connect

WMF Coffee Connect

With WMF coffee connect, you can access sales and service data remotely at any time



Dynamic Milk Assist

Optional - The dynamic milk system creates perfect milk foam at your programmed consistency



Auto Steam Wand

Optional - The auto steam wand automatically heats and textures milk to your programmed consistency

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