Jura Z10 Coffee Machine

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​The NEW Jura Z10 fully automatic coffee machine has a 3mm aluminium front panel with an integrated 4.3-inch colour graphic touch screen offering 32 programmable drinks.  Drinks can be programmed and positioned on the start screen to suit your personal preference.  Turn on 'smart mode' to automatically adjust the start screen based on how frequently each drink is made.  The extra shot feature is ideal for people who like their morning coffee strong.   The new Product Recognising Grinder (P.R.G.) automatically adjusts the grind fineness to achieve optimal extraction for your drink selection from espresso to a long black.  Refreshing cold brew coffees can now be made thanks to the Z10's new Cold Extraction Process.  The automatic end of day milk system clean takes < 1min to ensure your machine is always clean and ready for tomorrow's coffee.


Key Features

  • One-touch operation

  • 4.3-inch colour touchscreen

  • 32 programmable drinks

  • 10 programmable coffee strengths

  • Product Recognising Grinder (P.R.G.)

  • Automatic Grinder Adjustment (A.G.A.)

  • Pulse extraction technology (P.E.P)

  • Cold extraction process

  • 3D brewing technology

  • Ground coffee option

  • Fine foam milk texture (10 temperatures)

  • Hot water & coffee (3 temperatures)

  • WiFi included for connection to the home network (J.O.E)

  • Smart mode

  • Claris smart (RFID) technology

  • Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.©)

  • Zero energy switch

  • Art no. 15360




Benefits in Detail


4.3-inch colour touchscreen

The 4.3" colour touchscreen - Select the number of drinks displayed and adjust drink settings to suit personal preference.  Product names can be displayed or hidden. An intelligent algorithm identifies individual preferences, always displaying your favourite drinks.  All relevant information regarding the coffee machine and care instructions are presented clearly in the Cockpit via the display.








Product Recognising Grinder 

Jura engineers developed the Product Recognising Grinder (P.R.G.) to ensure the optimum grind for every drink. The electronically controlled high-performance grinder automatically adjusts to the ideal grind for the drink selected from very fine for espresso to coarse for a long black.  The grind fineness can also be user-selected before each preparation with the Aroma Selection feature.





The Jura Z10 prepares a genuine cold brew.  While many conventional cold brews consist mostly of hot-brewed coffee, which is then chilled, the Z10 extracts with cold water pulsed at high pressure through coarsely ground coffee. The result is a natural, energising and refreshing drink in which the fruity aromas of the coffee can be fully enjoyed without bitterness.







Eighth-generation brewing unit

The brewing unit is the most important part of any automatic coffee machine.  For the Z10, Jura has created the eighth-generation brewing unit.  With its unique 3D brewing technology water flows more evenly through the ground coffee optimizing extraction for superior shots. 

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