Jura X8 Coffee Machine Office Rental Package

Product no.: Jura X8 Office Rental Package
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The Jura X8 coffee machine is a Swiss-made commercial fully automatic coffee machine.  Staff simply place a cup and press a button.  6 selection keys provide access for up to 12 fully programmable drinks.  Options include cappuccino, café latte, flat white, macchiato, espresso, long black, milk, hot water and more.  Your favourite drinks can be positioned on the display to suit your requirements.  The machine can be programmed for cups or mugs with 2 cups able to be made at the same time.  Coffee strength and the amount of milk can be easily changed to suit personal preference without changing the programmed settings. 


Key Features

  • 25 - 50 staff office
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Fully automatic - Suitable for self-service locations
  • Fresh coffee beans & fresh milk 
  • Contactless coffee machine - Jura smart connect Included
  • Cappuccino, cafe latte, flat white, long black, espresso, milk & hot water
  • Aroma G3 coffee grinder with 6 levels of grind fineness adjustment
  • Grinds up to 16 grams of coffee for true double shots
  • Pulse extraction process (P.E.P) for optimal extraction for espresso
  • Professional fine foam automatic milk frother
  • Programmable milk temperature
  • Jura Smart Connect - Make drinks on your phone or tablet
  • Fully automatic coffee system clean - No disassembly
  • Claris Pro smart filter - Superior coffee quality and no descaling
  • TUV certified milk system cleaning program 
  • Energy save mode - Save on power consumption
  • Lockable water tank & coffee bean hopper
  • Standard 10amp PowerPoint
  • Tank water (No plumbing required)
  • Connect to plumbing (Optional)






Jura X8 PDF brochure


Benefits in detail


Drink selections

The large selection buttons provide simple operation with up to 12 drinks options available
Make adjustments to suit personal preference



Contactless Operation

Make your coffee from your smartphone or iPad without touching the machine



Cup position

The cup position on the drip tray is clearly marked for self-service operation




The water tank and bean hopper can be locked for servicing customers in self-service locations



Water tank

The 5-litre water tank with carrying handle is easily removable for refilling



Optional plumbing kit

Connect to plumbing/drainage - The Claris Pro filter eliminates the need to descale



Daily milk system clean

The daily milk system clean is automatic and take less than a minute to start

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