Jura Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura Coffee Machines

Select a Jura coffee machine for home to enjoy cafe quality espressos, cappuccinos and cafe lattes, at the touch of a button.  The built-in coffee grinder grinds you favorite coffees beans fresh for each cup.  Vist our Melbourne or Sydney showrooms for a demonstration.  If you have an old coffee machine at home bring it along for a great trade-in discount.  We are happy to trade-in all brands.  For more information, give us a call or email an enquiry and we will contact you to discuss the best home coffee machine for your needs. images


  • All machines ready to demonstrate

  • Free delivery Australia wide

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • 25 month warranty on new machines

  • Save 10 - 15% on new machines with trade-in

  • Free in-showroom training session

Jura Mother's Day Offer 

Betweeen 1st April and 26th May 2019 receive a bonus Coffee Gift Pack via redemption valued at $150 when you purchase any Jura Coffee machine from My Coffee Shop.
Your gift pack contains 4 x 250g Jura Coffee Beans, 1 x set of 2 Jura Latte Macchiatto Glasses (small), 1 x set of 2 Jura Coffee Spoons, and 1 x Airscape Coffee Canister (200g)


Select from the models below..

Jura Z8 coffee machine

Jura Z6 coffee machine

Jura J6 coffee machine

Jura S8 coffee machine

Jura E8 coffee machine
Jura ENA Micro 90 coffee machine

Jura Automatic Coffee Machines

Buy direct and save with great special offers on the best range of Jura automatic coffee machines for home use.  Select from new and demonstration machines.  All machines are ready to demonstrate.  A Jura specialist will provide expert advise so you can make an informed decision on which model will suit your needs.  Each machine includes a FREE one on one training session in our showroom to ensure you get the very best from your new coffee machine.  Life time phone support is provided to answer any questions that may come up.  If your coffee machine does need a repair simply bring it in to one of our showrooms, we will arrange the repair under the Jura capped price system and provide you with a FREE loan machine while your machine is away.