Coffee Customer Benefits

Our customers are free to purchase coffee beans from the supplier of their choice.  Customers who elect to purchase their coffee beans exclusively from My Coffee Shop can select from over 20 brands and will receive the following benefits:


5 Year coffee warranty

We provide a 5-year warranty on your coffee machine when you elect to purchase your coffee beans exclusively from My Coffee shop and have your coffee machine serviced as per the service schedule. Servicing maintains the performance and reliability of your machine and the 5-year warranty eliminates repair bills.

Under the 5-year coffee warranty, you only pay the service price.

You receive:

  • FREE collection and return of your machine for annual servicing

  • FREE loan machine while your machine is serviced

  • FREE 12-month warranty on your complete machine with each annual service

  • FREE replacement of wear & tear components during servicing

Service programs

  • Receive a 40% discount on service programs

Regular cleaning services

  • Receive a 20% discount on regular cleaning services

See Coffee bean range for details on our range of over 20 popular brands of coffee beans or download a price list. 

See Service and Support for details on annual servicing, service programs and cleaning services.