Jura Service and Support - Professional

Service & Support - Commercial range

We provide phone support, servicing and repairs for the commercial coffee machines we sell in Metro Melbourne & Sydney as well a country areas via our transit case collection and return service.   

We specialise in the following commercial coffee machines brands:

  • Jura
  • WMF
  • BFC

12 month warranty

Professional coffee machines come with a 12 month warranty. 

The warranty covers:

Within 50km (Melb & Syd CBD)

  • Phone support.

  • On-site next business day repair service.

  • Machine collection & return. (For machines that cannot be repaired on-site). 

  • A loan machine if your machine is taken off site for repair.

  • All internal parts including wear & tear parts.

Outside 50km (Melb & Syd CBD)

  • Phone support.

  • Collection & return by transit case for repairs.

  • All internal parts including wear & tear parts.

5 year coffee warranty

This option provides you with a 5 year warranty on your coffee machine and a 40% discount on servicing if you elect to purchase your coffee beans exclusively from My Coffee shop and have your coffee machine serviced every 12 months. 

Select from 20+ brands of coffee beans:   

You receive: 

  • FREE collection and return of your machine for servicing

  • FREE loan machine while your machine is serviced

  • FREE repairs during and between servicing

  • FREE replacement of wear & tear components during servicing

Service programs

A service program covers scheduled servicing, machine collection & returns and loan machines.  You can either pay for the program at the time of purchase or on an annual basis.  A service program locks in today‚Äôs pricing so you are not subject to normal pricing increases, automates the servicing process so you can be sure the machine is being maintained over the term of the program and protects you against parts and labour bills as any repair required during the service is performed at no additional cost.  Extensions are available out to 5 years of age.

Service programs include:

  • Phone support

  • Scheduled servicing

  • Machine collection & return

  • Loan machines

  • Mains water filtration cartridges (If req)

Regular cleaning service

To assist you in maintaining your coffee machine we provide a regular cleaning service.  This can be performed weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quaterly to suit the coffee machine you have and the number of cups you make.

Cleaning service includes

  • Cleaning the milk system. 

  • Cleaning the coffee system. 

  • Cleaning the cabinet of the coffee machine and milk cooler.

  • Checking and adjusting cup levels, temperature and coffee strength.

  • Any extra training that your staff may require.

Note: A 20% discount is available on cleaning services when you elect to purchase your coffee beans exclusively from My Coffee Shop.

Loan machines

Loan machines are available for the period of any service or repair.