Service & Support - Commercial Range

We provide technical support, installation & training, servicing and repairs for the commercial coffee machines we sell within 50km of Metro Melbourne & Sydney.  Servicing & repairs are performed in country VIC and NSW via our transit case collection and return service.  You will never be passed on to a 3rd party.  

We specialise in the following commercial coffee machines brands:

Office rental packages

Office coffee machine hire packages allow your staff and clients to enjoy cafe-quality coffee from a fully maintained coffee machine tailored to your requirements.  Our automatic coffee machines are made in Switzerland and Germany. Our traditional espresso machines are made in Italy and Spain, so you will be sure to receive the highest quality equipment in the market. 

Office rental packages include:

  • A coffee machine tailored to your needs
  • A milk fridge or cooler
  • Installation & staff training
  • Scheduled servicing
  • Loan machines
  • On-site repairs
  • Inspection and clean every 12 weeks


  • No lock-in contract
  • No service or repair bills
  • Simple 100% tax-deductible monthly rental
  • Select from over 20 popular coffee brands​

12-month warranty

When you purchase a commercial coffee machine or use our finance rental/lease option, the machine will come with a 12-month warranty, and you will be free to purchase coffee from the supplier of your choice.

Within 50km (Melb & Syd CBD)

  • Phone support

  • On-site next business day repair service

  • Machine collection & return. (For machines that cannot be repaired on-site)

  • A loan machine if your machine is taken off-site for repair

  • All internal parts including wear & tear parts

Outside 50km (Melb & Syd CBD)

  • Phone support

  • Collection & return by transit case for repairs

  • A loan machine while your machine is repaired

  • All internal parts including wear & tear parts

5-year coffee warranty

When you purchase a commercial coffee machine, you will receive a 5-year warranty on your coffee machine and a 20% discount on service pricing if you elect to purchase your coffee beans exclusively from My Coffee shop and have your machine serviced in accordance with the service schedule.

Select from over 20 brands of popular coffee beans.

You receive: 

  • 20% discount on service pricing

  • FREE repairs during servicing

  • FREE breakdown repairs between servicing

3-year service programs

When you purchase a commercial coffee machine or use our finance rental/lease option, 3-year service programs are available.  You can either pay for the service program at the time of purchase or on an annual basis.  The service program covers scheduled servicing, machine collection & returns and loan machines.  A the end of the 3 years a 2-year extension is available.

Service programs include:

  • Phone support

  • Scheduled servicing

  • Machine collection & return

  • Loan machines

  • Mains water filtration cartridges (If req)

Installation & Staff training

Our installation service ensures your coffee machine is properly installed and set up to suit your requirements.  Staff are trained in the use and maintenance of the machine so you will be sure to enjoy great coffee for years to come.


Regular cleaning service

To assist you in maintaining your coffee machine, we provide a regular cleaning service.  This can be performed weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly to suit the coffee machine you have and the number of cups you make.

Cleaning service includes:

  • Cleaning the milk system. 

  • Cleaning the coffee system. 

  • Cleaning the cabinet of the coffee machine and milk cooler.

  • Checking and adjusting cup levels, temperature and coffee strength.

  • Any extra training that your staff may require.

Note: A 20% discount is available on cleaning services when you elect to purchase your coffee beans from My Coffee Shop exclusively.


Loan machines

Loan machines are available for the period of any service or repair.  Loan machines are provided free of charge during the warranty period and to clients who purchase their coffee beans exclusively from My Coffee Shop.