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WMF 1100S Automatic Coffee Machine

WMF 1100S Automatic Coffee Machine









We have been installing the WMF 1100S coffee machine for 6 months now with great results.  The machines are ideal as office coffee machines for offices of up to 100 staff and in self service locations such as car showrooms and convenience stores making up to 80 cups per day.


Model Choice



WMF 1100S Coffee only model


WMF 1100S Coffee / Chocolate / Steam


The WMF 1100S is available in two models.  The coffee only model makes fully automatic coffees and hot water for tea.  The second model adds a steam wand and chocolate canister.  The steam wand provides the option of steaming milk in a jug for the cafe touch or for staff who prefer soy, almond or coconut milk.  The chocolate canister allows the machine to make automatic chocolates and mochas.  The steam wand can be activated and de-activated as required or removed if it is not required.


Fully Automatic Operation



The coffee machine is easy to use via a 7" high resolution touch screen.  The self serve mode allows users to select their coffee and preferred cup size from up to 3 options making the machine ideal for an office where staff are using cups and mugs or a convenience store providing their customers with 8oz and 12oz options.




Compact Flexible Design



WMF1100s Automatic Coffee Machine



The WMF 1100S can operate from the built-in 4.5 litre water tank, drip tray and 30 cups used coffee grounds bin or connect to plumbing, drainage and drop used coffee grounds into an under bench bin.  The machine also operates from a standard 10amp power point and at just 325mm wide and 500mm hight is compact enough to sit comfortably on a bench top with overhead cupboards.



My Coffee App




People are very particular about their coffee and often have their favourite cup or mug.  With the My Coffee App you can create personalised coffee recipes on your phone.  The App gives you complete control over every element from the amount of coffee ground to the amount of flat and foam milk.  By pressing a button on your phone the coffee is made to your recipe.  You can share your favourite coffee recipes with friends and check your coffee stats for the week.  The app is available for Apple and Android phones.



My Coffee App


Easy to Clean



Plug & Clean system

End of day clean:
1. Select system clean on the screen.
2. Select if you want the machine to turn off or stay on.
3. Empty the coffee grounds bin.
4. Plug the milk hose connector into the hot water outlet.
5. Drop a cleaning tablet into the cleaning chute.
6. Press start and walk away. 





The WMF 1100S uses whole roasted coffee beans and not coffee capsules.  
The advantages are:
Cost - The cost per cup is far less resulting in large savings over the life of the machine.
Choice - Freedom to purchase coffee beans from the supplier of your choice at competitive market rates.  
Quality – You will enjoy the full flavour and aroma of freshly ground coffee. 
Environment - Beans are better for the environment as far less packaging is used
Personal preference – Adjustable coffee dose (5 to 16 grams) and grind fineness allow you to suit personal preference.
Cost per cup comparison – Bean to cup v Capsule (Espresso):
Item Quantity Cost
Coffee ($34 per kg) 10 grams 34.0
Cleaning tablet 1 per day 0.6
Milk cleaning tablet 1 per week 0.2
TOTAL   34.8
Cleaning tablet (100 pack) 1 every day (100 cups)
Milk cleaning tablet (40 pack) 1 per week (500 cups)
Based on 100 staff with 60% drinking 2 coffees per day = 600 coffees per week.  
You will save $27,180 in 3 years over a capsule system costing 65 cents per capsule. 

WMF 1100S Office coffee machine




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