Urbanest 1 July 2016

Hi Mark,

Thank you for checking in.  The coffee machine is the ultimate new toy – I estimate that 50% of our office have stopped buying barista made coffees.  The feedback is that the machine produces just as good or better coffee (ultimately I think they enjoy the novelty too).

Thanks again for all your help Mark – much appreciated.


Vivien Winn 23 December 2014
Hi Jessica,
Thank you for your brilliant service.  I received my order this morning and I was gob-smacked that it came so quickly!
Will order from you again!
Kind regards,
Vivien Winn


Sally Page 23 December 2014
Just wanted to say a huge thanks - Toll delivered it this morning - very happy.
Sally Page


Dean and Katrina Clarke 16 October 2014
Hi Sarah,
Thank you so much for the follow up phone call - you are to be highly commended on your professionalism, product knowledge and sales service (both prior and after sales). 
As you know, we live in broome so buy quite a bit of 'stuff' over the internet/phone - you would have to be the most pleasant and knowledgable sales person we have dealt with in a long time and trust me, we are sticklers for customer service...if the salesperson gives us nothing, we take our money else where!(prob sounds quite rude but it's the truth!) from the moment we sent our first email, you have been on the ball, no mucking about, here's the facts, here's the price, no oh we'll see if we can match it if you send us through an advertised price blah blah blah. And the fact that you have been tracking the delivery of our machine, gives us the utmost faith in our purchase with you.  Can you please pass on this message to your boss as you deserve to be recognised for your efforts.
Anyway, we got the machine yesterday afternoon, we wanted to play with it last night but the new neighbours popped over to say hello (real bad timing!) We had a fishing trip with our three yr old locked In for this morning so we couldn't break his heart and say we can't go because mum n dad want to try out the new coffee machine (hence the reason we missed your call).
We have since cranked up the z9, made a latte and a coffee and are absolutely in love with the machine. We are very very impressed. So thank you very very much for your advice - you are a true asset to your company and we hope you have a lovely day (although you have probably gone home by now with daylight savings so hopefully this will make your day tomorrow!)
Thanks once again - should we need to, we will be in contact once we've had a bit more of a play over the coming week : )
Dean and Katrina
Very satisfied customers from broome


John Paterson 15 October 2014

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the service your company provides. My coffee and parts have already arrived after only 1 day. Thanks again I will certainly purchase from My Coffee Shop again.

John Paterson


Ardoch Youth Foundation July 2014

Dear Carmelina,

Thank you for being an Ardoch STAR! Together we are making education a reality for children experiencing poverty and disadvantage.  So appreciate your continued kindness and thought.

Mandy Burns
Ardoch Youth Foundation

Bev Hammerschmidt 27 Aug 2013

I am really enjoying using my new coffee machine.  Haven't tried a milk coffee yet but have had fun with ristretto and espresso.  Makes a nice strong coffee with no bitterness, easy to use also.  We have received the cup warmer, thank you.  

Once again, thank you for your patience and expert help when dealing with us.


Bev Hammerschmidt   


Lee Owens 14 Aug 2013

Nice work Karly, you and the Service Section.  The cleaning procedure clearly presented on the sheet you sent me seems to have done the job.  It is a pleasure to deal with an outfit that knows what it is doing and enjoys doing it.  Thank you.

Lee Owens


Rose Smith 08 Aug 2013

Just have to say thank you for my coffee order, it arrived yesterday.  Your service is fantastic and I cannot believe you got my order to Newman so fast.

Thank you, I will buy my coffee from you again.

Kind Regards


Mary Fury 30 Jan 2013

Thank you for your response.
All your people have been very prompt in responses.
It’s been a pleasure dealing with your company!  
Have an amazing day.

Kind regards,
Mary Fury


Rob Greaves 18 Dec 2012

Thanks Jessica, I was trying to work out if I needed to order ahead of time, and how much - but it seems as though I can just place my order when needed (as usual), rather than ordering ahead. I couldn't deal having to cope without my Grinders Coffee from you :)

Thanks for the blistering fast response, as usual - you guys are so far ahead of the pack when it comes to customer service it's like chalk and cheese, and there aren't many businesses that are up there with you.

Thanks for the fabulous service, I may only be a small customer , but I always feel valued as if I was a large store.

Have a great Christmas/New Year.


Vickie Owens 20 Jun 2012

I want to thankyou for the very swift delivery of my order.

It arrived yesterday !! 
In Cairns we get very used to long waiting times for this sort of thing.... !!
Very good service.... and I am happy with the product.


Sarah Murray 17 Apr 2012

I just wanted to write to tell you how impressed I am with the service. I placed my order yesterday and received it in less than 24 hours!

Thank you,


Jackie Green 24 Feb 2012

Your Customer Service was just amazing - the parcel was at the Post Office when we called in this morning.  Thank you so much

Jackie Green


Cathy Chappell 24 Feb 2012

Just wanted to say that I was very impressed by the quick dispatch of my order which arrived early this morning.

Great service.

Many thanks
Cathy Chappell


Gael Evans 18 Oct 2011

Our order arrived via a very pleasant delivery man first thing this morning all in perfect order.

Thank you so much for the easy manner in which orders are placed and delivered. Very happy with the service,

Gael Evans

ABC Civil Group 17 Oct 2011

Thank you for the advice. It was great to accidently discover your website as we have been going through coffee cups like no one’s business and I decided to was time to buy in bulk!

I notice you have a great range of coffee blends so that will be the next order.

Kind regards,

Sharon Kraehenbuehl

Project Co-ordinator

ABC Civil Group

Mark Armstrong 17 Oct 2011

Great very prompt service thanks (and the low delivery fee is great too).. cheers and keep up the great commerce :)


Anna O'Leary 11 Oct 2011

I am just writing to thank-you very much for the recent purchase I made with you.  I bought a Twinings 6 compartment Teachest.  It is a gift for my sister's up-coming birthday.  The item itself is lovely and your service from initial order to reciept was outstanding.  It is really nice to deal with a truly professional group who action orders and requests promptly.  Congratulations on a great business. 

Many thanks, 
Anna O'Leary

Elke Daeche 04 Oct 2011

Awesome web site and your delivery speed is even better.

Arrived this morning at 20 to 8 for my morning cuppa.

Regards Elke

Ps: you guys are a credit to internet purchasing.


Stephanie De Hoog 08 Apr 2011


Being outside of a metropolitan area, I have never ordered anything online and had it delivered the next day. I am absolutely astounded at how excellent this service from My Coffee Shop is and will not hesitate to recommend it to my friends. Thanks!



Sage Automation 02 March 2011

Thank you, appreciate your easy ordering process and prompt dispatch.


Rachael Oates
Communications and Marketing Officer
Sage Automation


Nigel Buxton 20 Jan 2011

Just a note to say that the cup-warmer and the replacement cups arrived safely today.

Carol and I are very impressed by the coffee maker, it is very user friendly, the coffee presents well and tastes better. So far, we have only put some Hawaiian Kona beans through it - but will open the Ethiopian next!

The china compliments well the machine and, I guess not too surprisingly, the pre-sets on the machine fit the cups perfectly.

I would also like to compliment you and your colleagues on your excellent service. The order was easy to place, we were kept informed about shipments - even if there were a few minor hic-cups, and when a cup and saucer were broken, they were replaced with no problem or fuss.

We use a lot of internet shopping - with firms large and small, Intra-state, Inter-state and International- your service, attitude to customers and approach when mishaps occur - puts 99% of the other companies to shame and you equal the only one you don't surpass.

So, THANK YOU. We will recommend you to our friends who ask about coffee machines. My son and his wife in Cairns are also VERY impressed with their new machine.

With best wishes,

Dr Nigel Buxton
Forensic and Anatomical Pathologist: SNP Rockhampton


Kelly Orchard 05 Nov 2010

I just wanted to thank you for your exceptionally fast delivery and service.

It was only yesterday that I placed an order with you and when I left my home for work this morning it had already been delivered!

Thank you very much.

I will most certainly recommend your business to others and will buy again in future.

Kelly Orchard
Yandina and MHAPD Team Leader | Mind


Jackie Thompson 06 Dec 2010

Great service – we will become regulars.  This coffee seems hard to get in Adelaide.



Minnie Burnard 02 Dec 2010

I have received my twining chest box. Thank you very much. You have a very happy customer!!

I just want to say how easy it is for me (the first time user) to order stuff on line. While I was worrying and wondering about this purchase, then I received your email to assure me about my order. What a prompt service! Knowing there are PEOPLE on the other side!!! This has made it a very pleasant experience for me. And for sure I will be telling all my friends about your coffee shop!!! I LOVE coffee!!! Thank you so much and I will be shopping at your shop in the near future!!!

Have a great day!!!

Kind regards,
Minnie Burnard


Vetassess 18 Jan 2007

Vetassess was exceptionally pleased with the way our exploration of the coffee machine option was handled by "mycoffeeshop" It meant that we were satisfied with our choice of the Jura machine (Z5) but also had the opportunity to understand its operation and benefits without the "pressure selling" that some other companies employ as a strategy.

We have had the machine for over 12 months now and in an environment of over 50 employees with operation often extending to seven days per week we have given the machine a good test and we are sure that we have purchased the right machine for our environment. Its operation is smooth and efficient and it provides a good quality drink at a most acceptable cost. The machine itself is easy to operate and maintain and the operation prompts it provides from its screen are intuitive and effective.

I should add that we have a significant number of visitors to our offices during each week and we have always had favourable comments relating to the quality of the drinks that they have enjoyed.

Your supply of products has also been prompt and efficient and has meant that our staff have always had the option of enjoying a good quality drink at any time it was required.

We have really only had one or two service requests so we have not put that aspect to a strong test - but that is a very good sign about the reliability of the machine and your responsiveness. Your response in this regard is that we have never felt that we would be facing a problem on our own. The quality of the machine plus your accessibility is an excellent combination. I know of other sites with machines of other makes that have nothing of the good service that we enjoy.

I would be quite happy to talk to any prospective users of the Z5 as we are so pleased with its purchase and subsequent operation.

Thank you Mark for your excellent attention to our needs which have extended beyond the simple purchase of the machine.

Best wishes for your continued success.

Barry Parker


Wholesale Beads and Buttons 18 Jan 2007

Good morning Mark, 

I would like to provide your potential customers feedback before making a purchase of one of your coffee machines. 

As you know our location was just off Chapel Street…the coffee/cafe and retail strip shopping of Australia. It was the last straw when one afternoon Donna my colleague returned with the wrong milk, wrong sugar and a bloody awful coffee for the both of us.  We were paying each about $25.00 per week in coffees. I didn’t mind the price except the coffees were becoming a big issue 5minutes walk to the coffee shop…wait to be served…wait for the coffee….walk back and YUCK; bad coffee and 15minutes down the drain.

I turned to the computer, googled and found  We chose to buy our machine outright and we have never been happier. At first we made too many coffees but that settled down after a week or two.

You would not believe the response of our customers when we offer them a “latte, espresso …or cappuccino” made on the premises. They love it. Our wholesale customers travel long distances and they appreciate being treated like VIPS. It has reduced staff wastage of time…just going to get a coffee out in the street. And when we have meetings and formal situations (the bank manager, accountant etc) they are very impressed…it does not make us look extravagant but practical and stylish. At 38 cents per cup it’s very inexpensive….yet we look expensive. NO WASTAGE perfect coffees every time.

The coffee machine is easy to look after; a five minute clean at the end of the day. Inexpensive to look after, my staff feel special that they have hot chocolate, mocha, latte, cappuccino, espresso etc all on tap. This keeps morale high.  The cost is minimal and our coffee order arrives within two days…fresh coffee and a big variety of flavours and $$$ choices. Now we tend to repeat the last order.

 We are just coming up to one year ownership…and I can’t think how we survived without it. At Christmas/New year  I took it home and made great coffee for after Christmas lunch and on new year eve….great coffee cocktails…   Just  yummy.

 We have the java 50 cup per day…and it suits us perfectly.

Later this year when we renovate the retail shop we will get one for the staff and class participant/customers. A wise investment for us.  I am free to answer any questions should it be required.

Please pass on my number where necessary.

Kind regards,

Frances Whitten
Wholesale Beads Melbourne


Fragomen 16 Jan 2007

Hi Mark, 

Our office purchased a Z5 Coffee Machine from My Coffee Shop over a year ago. The Z5 is reliable, easy to use and makes a great cup of coffee whichever way you prefer it. Deliveries are always on time, the coffee is of excellent quality, and the customer service is consistently exceptional.

Kind regards,

Angela Devery
Office Manager
Fragomen Australia

Urban Maintenance Systems 16 Jan 2007

Hi Mark,

It is now over 12 mths since we purchased our coffee machine.  We are very happy with the purchase and have experienced very little trouble.  Any problems we have had have either been dealt with over the phone (you talking us through the issue) or you have visited to make the necessary adjustments.  A few of the issues we have had have occurred after a staff member has decided to make changes to the programming of the machine which has been relatively easy for you to rectify.  The only other trouble has occurred from us not cleaning the machine well enough and a blockage occurring in the nozzle but this is also easy to fix.

Our workforce has almost doubled since we purchased the machine and we find that the machine is still coping okay with the increased cup numbers.  The quality of the coffee is good and the machine froths the milk well.  It is very easy to use. If you like a very hot cup of coffee you do need to warm the cup with hot water first.

The service we have experience with "My Coffee Shop" has been excellent.  Orders for supplies are delivered next day and communication cannot be faulted. 

I would certainly be happy to provide a verbal reference to anyone wishing to purchase one of your machines. 

We wish you well and should we be in the market to upgrade the machine in the future we will certainly contact you.


Jan Greenaway
Executive Assistantto
General Manager Corporate
Urban Maintenance Systems Pty Ltd 


Rowena Cairns 21 Nov 2006

Thanks Again.  Very Impressed with your service.  As mum of 3 yo and baby I need to shop on line!!  Will be back!!!



Clara Mok 29 Aug 2006

I’ve just received my little teapot warmer today in perfect condition.  Just wanted to write a note of thankyou.  Thanks for your prompt reply and secure delivery.

Definitely one of the most reliable online shop I’ve ever came across with.

Thanks again.



E Taylor 23 Jun 2006

I love the machine I purchased, I actually gave myself a caffeine overdose when it first arrived, thanks for the great service.

E Taylor


William Pearce 14 Feb 2006


Your excellent service has been most appreciated and a benchmark for other Australian Companies to chase.



Olivia Lesslar 07 Nov 2005

Dear Carmelina,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the correct product today. I don’t think I’ve ever been more impressed with customer service, speed of delivery and action on rectifying problems. Congratulations to you and your company, I would certainly recommend doing business with My Coffee Shop to my friends and colleagues.


Olivia Lesslar
Business Development Manager 
BCI Australia Pty Ltd


AMC Automotive 04 Oct 2005

Dear Carmelina,

We are extremely happy with the Impressa Z5 coffee machine and would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the market for such a product.

AMC Automotive


Glenn McNamara 26 Aug 2005

Hi Carmelina,

I wanted to let you know I have received the tea this morning.  I am very impressed at how fast the delivery was & the fact I was not even charged freight!!!

As a "tea freak", I will be using your service from now on.

Well done!!

Thanks & regards


Gerard Ryan 14 Jun 2005

Hi Carmelina,

Just received the order. Thanks for the excellent , quick service.



Marcia Swaneveld 10 May 2005

Hi Carmelina,

Thank you so much for your response, finally I found someone who is willing to help!  I will follow up on your advice.  Thanks again.

Kind Regards


Judy Mills - US 12 Apr 2005

Good morning,

Just to let you know that the Sir Thomas Lipton tea arrived and I am enjoying it very much. I have shared with several friends. They say it is better than the regular Earl Grey tea's they have had in the past. I am glad.

Thanks again for all your help. I may be ordering more in the future. The Visa bill adjusted the exchange rate and it was not too costly! A nice surprise.

Have a good day.

Judy Mills
(US customer)


Physiotherapy Dept Social Club (Austin Hospital) 27 Sep 2004

Dear Mark,

Re: Jura Impressa X95

Just a note to say how happy the social club members are with the coffee machine.  We have been renting the Jura Impressa for over seven, trouble free months and it certainly adds a lot to the ambience of our staff room at quite a reasonable price. The Lazumba coffee range has also been well received to the extent that we seem to have many more visitors to the staff room these days.

All the best,
Guy Metcalfe
Physio Social Club.


Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines AS 27 Aug 2004

Dear Mark 

Just a short note to let you know how impressed the team at Wallenius Wilhelmsen are with our Jura Impressa espresso coffee machine. Gone are the days of instant coffee in our office, and we now enjoy our cappuccino, latte, machiatto, etc during the day.

Coming from a hospitality background, I am extremely fussy about my coffee and have tasted the best and the worst. I am delighted to say that the combination of your precise machinery and high quality coffee have produced a flavour that is up there with the best!

Kind Regards

Anita Hay
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines
(03) 8699 3051


Rachel Baker - Hawthorn 23 Jul 2004

Well done Carmelina and Mark,

Fabulous coffee and the fruit teas are just devine. We will definitely be placing more orders.


Rachel Baker


Ballarat Health Services - Ballarat Base Hospital 16 May 2004

From:  Kiosk - Ballarat Base Hospital, Ballarat Health Services, Drummond Street, Ballarat

Two years ago we started looking for a good "coffee machine" and after learning about yours and seeing it we decided on the model that suited our needs.

Since then we have found it to be very popular with customers and staff, easy to use and excellent results.  Our special thanks to Mark for his product delivery and maintenance of our machine.

Congratulations on your wonderful product.

Kindest regards,
Grace Floyds, Co-ordinator and Volunteer.


Ballarat Indoor Tennis 15 May 2004

From:   Robert Benoit, ph: 0417 113 506

To Whom It May Concern,

Our company has been using the quickserve coffee dispensing machine for the past few years and have not looked back since.  We went from selling instant coffee to using the machine and our coffee sales have taken off since.

Initially we did have some reservations about a dispenser as we had tried the product from several different machines and hadn't liked any of them.  We were just about to give up when we were told about the National Coffee Distributors coffee through a friend, so decided to try it and could not believe the difference.  No other dispenser coffee came close, but the thing we liked the most was the coffee tastes remarkably like that from an espresso machine without all the time and fuss.  It is also very economical as well as easy to use and clean.

As Mark from National Coffee Distributors is well organised in servicing and supplies etc., I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone that is interested.

Yours truly,

Robert Benoit, Owner/Manager, Ballarat Indoor Tennis


Craigieburn Leisure Centre (Hume City Council) 13 May 2004

From:   Craigieburn Leisure Centre, 59 Craigieburn Road, Craigieburn

When we first installed the coffee machine we were a bit weary as we always thought that coffee from a machine were pretty average but surprisingly we were mistaken.

The standard of coffee and other beverages from the machine is excellent.  We have many patrons and visitors to the centre that mention that they look forward to a coffee when they get here.

The coffees are also great value for money.

All the leisure centre staff also enjoy a coffee during their breaks.

Yours truly,

Pauline DeGiorgio, Administration and Programs Co Ordinator


Oak Park Sporting Club 04 May 2004

To Whom it may concern,

It gives me pleasure to act as a reference for National Coffee Distributors.  Another food supplier who was full of praise for Mark and his team for their prompt service and delivery, had recommended Mark to me.

National Coffee Distributors are not only prompt and courteous but also sell product that is fresh and of high quality.

Having now dealt with them for 2 years I would have no hesitation in recommending National Coffee Distributors to any interested party.

Faithfully yours

Kaye Smith


Margaret Ebeyan - Toorak 14 Mar 2004

Dear Carmelina & Mark,

Thank you very much for your great support and wonderful service.

Margaret (Toorak)


Mowbray College 14 Mar 2004

Dear Carmelina,

Thank you for your generous donation of a coffee machine from National Coffee Distributors to our 20th Anniversary Gala Ball Auction.

The night was a great success with the launch of our new uniform and the funds raised from the auction being put to new resources from the college.

The auction was a special part of interest for all the guests with spirited bidding on all items.  Your support of the college is very much appreciated.  Thank you again for your continued involvement and interest in Mowbray.

Yours sincerely
Brian Simons