Our Environment Program

At My Coffee Shop, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously,  and we have introduced a number of initiatives and activities to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment.

What is My Coffee Shop doing to reduce its impact?

  • Environmentally friendly paperless procurement process - order online and reduce the paper trail in your office.
  • Packaging - We purchase cartons and green bubble wrap manufactured with recycled materials.  Where you receive bubble wrap that is not coloured, we have re-used bubble wrap that was sent to us from a supplier (this will only occur when the bubble wrap is in re-useable condition.  We re-use cartons when in good condition giving them a second life and reducing the need to produce more cartons.  You may receive your order in a carton that doesn't match what's inside, please rest assured that your items have been treated with the same care we are showing to the environment.
  • Product range - where ever possible we will provide organic and fair trade options of our products, we will always source products from local suppliers wherever possible to reduce the carbon miles our products travel.
  • Recycling - We recycle at every opportunity.  There are some staff at My Coffee Shop that are worried about standing still for too long because they will be recycled!  All paper and cardboard, as well as cartridge toners, batteries, pallets and plastics, are recycled through our local councils.  Soft plastics are recycled through RedCycle and used to make outdoor furniture. Food waste is recycled in a Bokashi Bin.  Small items such as packaging cores, small boxes and redundant parts are recycled in our kinder program.
  • Re-use - Wherever possible we will reuse an item, for example, the bubble wrap and packaging mentioned above.  We also offer our clients this same option, where practical we will refurbish parts during servicing and repairs, not only reducing the cost to our clients but also reducing the drain on raw materials for new parts.
  • Transport - we choose to deliver through Toll Priority, producing far fewer greenhouse gasses than operating our own fleet of delivery vehicles.  We also work to ensure that items are packaged in cartons that are the right fit, reducing their footprint in transit.  When flying we choose carbon neutral flights with Qantas. My Coffee Shop Staff actively work to reduce their impact with some choosing to walk, use public transport or riding bikes to the office.
  • Waste minimisation - whether it's ordering recycled photocopy paper, re-using packaging materials that are in good condition, recycling all cardboard, paper and plastics, utilising a Bokashi Bin for food waste, or just going without the disposables in our office, whenever possible we will try and find a solution that reduces what we throw away.  Our head office in Glen Iris Victoria currently produces on average less than 100 litres of waste per week (that's less than a small domestic bin).

We are always looking to reduce the impact of our operations and welcome any feedback or suggestions