About WMF

German Quality meets Global Presence


Designed, engineered and built in Germany, WMF has a global presence from the corporate environment to 5-star hotels and to the premium foodservice industry (HORECA) environment.  MMF has sales and service in 80 counties, over 350,000 machines in the marketplace and more than 2000 people in the field worldwide.  Each week WMF coffee machines make more than 1 billion cups of coffee.

Leading Sustainability

WMF takes a complete product life cycle approach to determine the environmental impact of their coffee machines.  They are dedicated to increasing the environmental performance of their products by minimising waste through careful construction and materials management.

  • WMF feature independently certified industry-leading energy efficiency through their smart eco operating modes and superior engineering
  • The WMF production process has been carefully refined to minimise environmental impact.  The product range is completely free of lead and nickel. WMF has ISO 14001 Certification
  • The WMF range of Super Automatics are made from recycled base materials and are up to 91% recyclable

​Lowest lifecycle costs

As the largest global brand of automated coffee systems, one of the key advantages that WMF have, is the superior reduction of lifecycle costs in their range of equipment, through superior engineering, innovative design and advanced operational systems.

Energy Efficiency

WMF is independently certified as the industry leader in energy efficiency in all classes of super-automatic coffee machines  Their smart eco operating modes and well-engineered designs allow energy savings of up to 45%.

Service Costs

WMF feature a smart scheduled servicing system that can forecasted costs for up to 7 years. WMF scheduled services cost up to 25% less per year than their competitors.

Innovative Technologies

The WMF Plug & Clean System, the WMF Brewer System and other WMF innovations make the equipment user friendly, reduce lifecycle costs and increase reliability.

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