About Breville

About Breville

Breville is an Australian manufacturer and marketer of small home appliances.  Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1932, Bill O’Brien, a radio salesman, and Harry Norville, an engineer, scraped together 500 pounds in the midst of the nation’s worst economic depression to found “Breville Radio”. Together they built and sold radios to a generation for whom radio was the centre of family entertainment.  With the advent of television, Breville sold its radio division in 1951 but continued as a family business with a focus on small appliances and on seeking innovations to everyday living.  

The O'Brien family continued developing the Breville business for three generations, with Bill's son John O'Brien setting up the Breville Research and Development centre in the late 1960s. In 1974 it completed development of the toastie maker selling 400,000 units in its first year and making Breville a household name in Australia.  In 1977, Breville launched Australia's first food processor, the Breville Kitchen Wizz. Other firsts include the world's first high wall heating electric wok, the adjustable height sandwich press, the active arm citrus press and in 2010 the world's first juice extractor to juice whole fruit.

Today Breville trades in over 30 countries including China, BrazilSouth Africa, Mexico, and Israel.  Brevilles product development division is one of Australia's largest industrial design centres, and one of the largest worldwide in the small electrical appliance sector. Breville's R&D team has over 100 active patents and has been awarded more than 40 international design awards.  Breville's Centre of Design Excellence is now located in Botany in Sydney.

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