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JURA Switzerland was founded in 1931 manufacturing small appliances.  In 1937 Jura manufactured its first coffee machine. Since the early 1990s, JURA has focused on fully automatic coffee machines.  In 2000, with Jura’s dominance in the European market growing, Jura's philosophy of precision engineering and unparalleled service was introduced to the Australian market.  For the first time, Australian consumers were able to experience and enjoy the Jura range of premium fully automatic coffee machines.  In January 2012, with its commitment to the Australian Market reinforced, Jura Australia Espresso Pty Ltd became the eighth affiliate to join the Jura Group, continuing to sell Jura’s range of fully automatic coffee machines through a large national network of distributors and retailers.



With its main office located in Melbourne, Jura Australia opened its first Hospitality Centre in January 2012, also in Melbourne.  The Hospitality Centre provides an insight into the world of coffee where you can see the complete Jura range and experience our service philosophy with transparent costs and services.  A specialist will lead you through the diagnosis of your machine and explain your options under our capped-price service system. Our service system ensures repairs are not only of the highest quality but also cost-effective and efficient.  The Hospitality Centre brings Jura's commitment to service and support to our customers.  It is the perfect place to receive expert advice on your Jura coffee machine.


Excellent coffee

Jura coffee machines with the latest technology for pure coffee enjoyment

In order to make the perfect coffee, a professional barista must master several variables,  For the first time ever a fully automatic coffee machine is able to master those variables.

Each Jura coffee machine has an integrated hardened stainless steel conical grinder or ceramic disk grinder to grind your favourite coffee beans to the perfect fineness.  The new aroma+, aroma G3 and ceramic disk grinders now grind even faster and finer for superior coffee extraction without heating the coffee. 

  • The ground coffee drops directly into the brewing unit where it is used immediately avoiding any loss of flavour or aroma.

  • Bitter coffee is easily prevented by using the correct amount of coffee in the brewing process.  Jura’s variable brewing unit can hold between 5 and 16 grams of coffee giving you the ability to make 2 cups, mugs, and strong coffees without bitterness.

  • Originally found only in commercial equipment for use in cafes, pre-brew technology has now been perfected by Jura for use in offices, homes and many retail and foodservice applications.  Jura’s intelligent pre-brew aroma system (I.P.A.S) extracts maximum flavour and aroma from your coffee producing a thick golden crema every time.

  • Water used in the brewing process is filtered by the Integrated Pure Water System (I.P.W.S).  Heavy metals and pollutants are removed while minerals and fluorides important to health are maintained. The water is then heated to 92 degrees as it passes through a stainless steel lined boiler.  The water reaches your coffee at the perfect temperature, completely uncontaminated.

  • When making an espresso or ristretto, the extraction of flavour from your favourite coffee is further optimized by Jura's pulse extraction process (P.E.P) where hot water is pulsed through the ground coffee at short intervals for optimal flavour extraction.

Easy to maintain

Jura coffee machines are easy to clean and maintain

Jura coffee machines will prompt you to perform all required functions such as, 'Fill water', 'Empty drip tray', 'Fill beans' and 'Cleaning required'

  • Cleaning and maintenance procedures are automated and will be prompted on the display when required, protecting your machine and the quality of your coffee.  They are carried out very simply at the press of a button without time-consuming removal of the brewing unit.

  • Time-consuming de-scale procedures can be eliminated by Jura's (I.P.W.S) system. Simply select the Claris water filter option and install the filter.  Jura's display will prompt you when the filter is due for replacement.  No more de-scales.

Swiss reliability

  • Jura coffee machines schedule and prompt all cleaning and maintenance procedures to ensure maximum reliability.

  • Jura’s integrated pure water system (I.P.W.S) protects your coffee machine from limescale damage.

  • Solid stainless steel lined thermo blocks eliminate the need for boiler seals and the possibility of water leaks.

  • During servicing, data from each Jura coffee machine is downloaded and fed back to Jura in Switzerland further developing present-day technologies.  Software upgrades are downloaded to your machine, so you'll always have the latest technology.  

Easy to use

  • Jura coffee machines have been designed for locations where ease of use is essential.  The push-button operation, integrated cleaning, and smart electronics that schedule, prompt and control all processes make Jura coffee machines ideal for offices, hair salons, showrooms, homes and many foodservice applications.

  • Simply place a cup and make your selection.  Your coffee beans will be freshly ground to produce café quality espresso coffee, single shots, double shots or long blacks at the press of a button.  The automatic milk frother takes the work and time out of preparing milk drinks.  Milk is automatically drawn up, heated or heated and frothed producing cappuccinos, lattes or flat whites.

  • Jura's height-adjustable coffee spout allows you to use a cup or your favourite mug.  

Very economical

Cost per cup - Espresso

Product Quantity Cost per cups (cents)
Coffee ($30 per kg) 10 grams per cup 30.0
Cleaning tablet 1 every 200 cups 1.2
Descaling tablets 3 every 1000 cups 0.8
TOTAL   32.0

Add approx 5.8 cents per cup if you are using Claris water filters instead of descaling tablets.


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