Office Coffee Machines

Office Coffee Machines

Office coffee machines Office coffee machines Office coffee machines
Select from our range of automatic office coffee machines for more information on the machine that will suit your needs or email an enquiry and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.  You can purchase, rent or lease a coffee machine for your workplace in Melbourne or Sydney.  Our professional service options will ensure the performance and reliability of your coffee machine .  We also provide office coffee machine rental packages for a simple and cost effective office coffee solution.  Send an enquiry for a written quotation and free in-office demonstration.


Automatic Office Coffee Machines


Jura range

Jura WE8 office coffee machine
Jura WE8 
up to 25 staff
Jura Impressa XJ9 office coffee machine
Jura Impressa XJ9 
up to 50 staff
Jura X8 Coming soon

Jura GIGA X3/X3C
up to 50 staff

Jura GIGA X8
up to 100 staff

up to 100 staff

WMF range

WMF 1100S office coffee machine
WMF 1100S
up to 100 staff

WMF 1200S office coffee machine
WMF 1200S
up to 140 staff
WMF 1500S office coffee machine
WMF 1500S
up to 250 staff

Coffee Machines

Select an office coffee machine from the Jura or WMF ranges of commercial automatic coffee machines.  Whether you have a small office of 10 staff or a large office of 200 staff, we have workplace coffee machines to suit your requirements.  All models use fresh milk and freshly roasted coffee beans, not pre-packaged capsules, producing superior quality coffee, saving you money, and reducing your impact on the environment.  All machines are automatic allowing staff to make cafe quality coffee at the press of a button without the training required to operate a manual machine.  


Rental & Lease Finance

Office coffee machines can be rented or leased over a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 year term.  We will guide you in selecting the coffee machine and accessories to suit your requirements and provide a written quotation. 


Office Rental Packages

Office coffee machine rental packages provide a simple and cost effective office coffee solution.  Rental packages include a quarterly on-site cleaning service, on-site repairs if required, loan machines if required and flexible end of term options.  As part of the package you can select from our range of over 40 coffees across 20 popular brands.


Coffee Bean Choice

You have the freedom to purchase coffee beans from the supplier of your choice.  If you elect to purchase your coffee beans exclusively from My Coffee Shop your will be eligible a range of benefits including a 5 year warranty.  See Coffee customer benefits


Service & Support

Office coffee machines come with a 12 month warranty and 5 years capped price servicing.  Fixed price service programs are also available.  See Service & Support


Why My Coffee Shop

See 16 reasons to get your office coffee machine from My Coffee Shop: 16 reasons to get your office coffee machine from My Coffee Shop