Jura Z7 Second Hand Coffee Machine

Product no.: Jura Z7 second hand coffee machine
$795.00 / unit(s)
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  • One-touch operation with flat & froth milk selection

  • Fully programmable ristretto, espresso, long black, cappuccino, cafĂ© latte, flat white and hot milk for chocolate

  • Height-adjustable spouts for cups & mugs

  • Make adjustments to suit personal preference without affecting your programmed settings

  • Grinds (5 - 16 grams) with grind fine adjustment for superior coffee extraction

  • Fine foam milk system for cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites

  • Integrated cleaning, rinsing and decalcifying programs make maintenance easy

  • Claris water filter option eliminates descaling.

  • Fully serviced with a new grinder

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