Crivelli DK258 Coffee Bean 1kg

Crivelli DK258 Coffee Bean 1kg

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Crivelli DK258 Coffee Bean 1kg

A creamy three bean blend sourced from Brazil (Santos) and India (Kaapi Royale).

This coffee is punchy up front but develops into a smooth earthy flavour with a buttery body and a honey like sweetness. 

About the beans that make up the blend:

Brazil Santos:

The best dry-processed Santos is a wonderfully deep, complex, sweet coffee. Almost all Brazil coffee is relatively low-grown, but the variety of processing methods (wet method, dry method, and semi-dry or pulped natural method) makes for a variety of flavours from Brazil.  Smooth acidity with a Medium-Soft body and residual sweetness.  This Medium light-Medium roasted bean provides a mellow caramel flavour.

Kaapi Royale (Kerala washed)

Indian washed Robusta play an integral role in most Italian and European style espresso blends. In the cup, this bean is clean with a soft orange acidity that is smooth and mellow.  The high roast point provides an intense body with distinct dark cocoa notes. 


Crivelli, Knight Mattingly


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