Breville Oracle coffee machine

Breville Oracle coffee machine

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The Breville Oracle is the first 'manual' coffee machine on the market to automate the espresso making process so that someone without barista training can make cafe quality coffee at home.  It does this by automating 2 of the 3 variables involved in making a great espresso and by automating the milk texturing process.  The quantity of coffee (the dose) and the pressure that is applied to the coffee (the tamp) are controlled by the machine allowing you to make cafe quality espresso shots out of the box.  By adjusting the grind fineness (the 3rd variable), finer to extract more from the coffee and courser to extract less from the coffee, you can make simple adjustments to suit your personal preference and the coffee beans you are using.  To steam milk you simply program your preferred temperature and texture (cappuccino milk to silky latte milk), and let the machine do the rest.  As you become more experienced you can switch to manual mode and have a go at steaming yourself.


Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Built-in conical stainless steel burr grinder  Grinds directly into the filter basket - No waste, No mess
Automatic grind, dose and tamp Automatically grinds the correct dose and applies the right tamp pressure for the perfect extraction
Dedicated stainless steel coffee and steam boilers Make espresso's and steam milk at the same time
Low pressure pre-infusion  Gently expands the coffee grounds for even extraction of the coffee oils
PID temperature controlled boilers and heated group head Coffee water is delivered to the ground coffee and the right temperature for optimal extraction
Over pressure valve Limits the maximum pressure to 9 bar for optimal extraction
Hands free milk texturing Automatically steams milk to your selected temperature and texture from cappuccino to silky latte
58mm commercial group head Superior extraction is achieved from the larger diameter coffee puck
Programmable volumetric control Program your machine to deliver volume precise single and double espresso shots
One touch long black with water by bass Program long blacks exactly the way you like them without bitterness
Seperate hot water outlet Hot water on demand for tea and hot chocolate
Auto start setting Your machine turns on automatically ready for your morning coffee
Auto turn off setting Your machine turns off automatically once you have finished making coffee saving power


Key Technologies




The in-built conical grinder has hardened stainless steel burrs for consistent grinding directly into the portafilter.




The Oracle automatically grinds, doses and tamps your coffee directly into the portafilter with no mess or waste.  You can make changes to the grind fineness (45 levels) to suit your personal preference, grind finer for more extraction and a stronger coffee or less fine for less extraction and a weaker coffee.




Low pressure pre-infusion (2 - 4 bar) allows the coffee grounds to swell prior to full pressure extraction (9 bar) promoting a more even extraction of the coffee oils.




Dual 15 bar pumps allow the machine to simultaneous steam milk and extract espresso.




Dedicated steam and espresso boilers allow the machine to simultaneously deliver consistent steam pressure for steaming milk and hot water at a constant temperature for optimal extraction.




PID temperature controllers monitor and control temperatures in the steam and coffee boilers.  They maintain constant temperatures by quickly reacting to changes in the systems as you steam milk and make espressos. 




A OPV (Over pressure valve) limits the pressure in the coffee system to 9 bar for optimal extraction.




The hands free milk steaming system allows you to program the temperature and texture of the milk from cappuccino foam to silky latte foam.  When the milk reaches the programmed temperature the steam automatically shuts off.  You simply wipe down the steam wand and it automatically purges any milk in the tip.




























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