Breville Barista Express coffee machine

Breville Barista Express coffee machine

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At just 33cm wide, the Breville Barista Express is a compact machine ideal for the coffee enthusiast who likes to control every aspect of the coffee making process but doesn't have the space available for a large machine and seperate grinder.  Ready for your morning coffee in just 60 seconds, the built-in conical burr grinder automatically grinds and doses directly into the portafilter.  With 18 levels of grind fineness adjustment, programmable single and double shots and the option for manual operation, you will be making coffee just the way you like it in no time.  Instant hot water is available for tea and the steam wand produces a good quality micro foam suitable for latte art.



Choice Recommended, January 2016


Choice recommended coffee machine award 2016




Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Built-in stainless steel conical burr grinder  Grinds single and double doses directly into the portafilter hands free
18 levels of grind fineness adjustment Adjust the grind to suit your personal preference
1,700W thermo-coil with automatic purge Makes espresso's and heats to steam temperature within seconds.  Automatically purges back to coffee temperature.
PID temperature control Coffee water is delivered to the ground coffee at the right temperature for optimal extraction
Low pressure pre-infusion  Gently expands the coffee grounds for even extraction of the coffee oils
Programmable volumetric control Program your machine to deliver precise single and double espresso shots to suit your preference
Pressure gauge for espresso Monitor the pressure during extraction to fine tune your grind, dose and tamp pressure
Seperate hot water outlet Hot water on demand for tea
Razor coffee dose trimming tool Check and adjust the grinder dose for consistent espresso shots
Auto turn off Your machine turns off automatically once you have finished making coffee saving power


Key Technologies




The in-built conical grinder has hardened stainless steel burrs for consistent grinding directly into the portafilter.




Low pressure pre-infusion (2 - 4 bar) allows the coffee grounds to swell prior to full pressure extraction (9 bar) promoting a more even extraction of the coffee oils.  The pressure gauge allows you to monitor the pressure during the espresso pour and make changes to your dose, grind fineness and tamp pressure. 




The volume of single and double espresso shots are pre-programmed and can be easily reprogrammed to suit your preference.  You can also select manual operation.  Simply press and hold the single or double espresso buttons to begin pre-infusion.  Release the button to start the espresso pour and press again to stop the pour.




The 15 bar pump allows the machine to achieve optimal extraction.




The PID temperature controller monitors and controls the temperature of the thermo-coil.  It maintains a constant temperature by quickly reacting to changes in the system as you steam milk and make espressos. 




























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