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The Jura X8 Office Coffee Machine

Jura X8 office coffee machine

The Jura X8 was released in April 2018 just over 15 months ago.  The X8 replaced the Jura Impressa XJ9 and Jura Impressa Xs9 in the range and built on the experience, positive and negative of the machines in the Jura GIGA range.  Like the GIGA, the Jura X8 is designed for fully automatic self service operation.  With milk and coffee dispensing from a single outlet and new features such as large selection keys, cup positioning on the drip tray, a simple robust outlet assembly and lockable water tank / bean hopper the X8 works really well in self service locations as well as in an office environment.


Jura X8 display with large selection keys

Jura X8 cup positioning

Jura X8 lockable bean hopper & water tank


From a service & support point of view:

Looking at the service history we have provided far less phone support for milk flow issues on the Jura X8 compared to the first generation Jura GIGA machines.  The Jura X8 end of day milk system clean is more automatic as the machine adds its own water for the clean and performs an automatic rinse.  This allows the user to start the clean and walk away.  Possibly this small change has resulted in the end of day clean being done more consistently resulting in fewer milk flow problems.  The milk frother is also simpler. The air suction is now internal to the machine removing a small part that can potentially be damaged or lost.  In the event that the end of day clean is missed, the milk frother can be easily cleaned.


Jura X8 automatic cleaning


Breakdowns over 15 months in the field is ‘zero’ with almost 100 units sold over this time.  This is not a typo.  Thinking back I could not remember a single breakdown so I went though the complete service history to confirm this is correct.  We have been out to a 3 milk issues and a mains water kit failed however the Jura X8's have not had a single breakdown.  This reliability is remarkable and something I have not seen before.

The machines coming in for service have made between 5,000 and 18,000 coffees over a 12 month period.  We rate the machine suitable for up to 60 staff.  Based on 60% of staff drinking 2 coffees per day, a 60 staff office will make 360 coffees per week over 50 weeks = 18,000 cups per year.  So far the Jura X8 is achieving this without breakdown.


From a features point of view:

The programmable milk temperature is the stand out feature appreciated by our clients.  For each milk drink 10 levels of temperature can be programmed so clients can achieve a temperature that suits everyone.

The new Claris Pro Smart water filter solves a past problem where a filter is fitted however the machine is programmed for descale or visa versa.  This is now a completely automatic system.  The machine sees the new filter, automatically switches to filtration mode and rinses the filter.  It then prompts the client to change the filter when it has expired.  Filters eliminate the need to perform 45 min descales and at $39 ex GST for 300 litres (Approx. 2000 coffees), they are a cost effective solution at 1.95 cents per cup.  A new even more cost effective larger Claris Pro smart water filter will be released soon.


Claris Pro Smart filter

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